GSR starts its fundraising 🚀

Amount: 1M €.

After being financed by a PIA 3 (BPI), Airbus Développement, ESA (European Space Agency) and by one of the founding shareholders in early stage and seed it is time for GSR to start its fundraising to :
– Start the industrialization
– Strengthen our business teams, sales forces and R&D teams
– Finance our intellectual property

⚙️ After successfully meeting the challenge of prototyping, testing in real conditions we have products on the shelf and an order book that is starting to fill up. A round of financing that will allow us to start our industrial presence on the French territory to meet the challenges of security, resilience and environmental while supporting our commercial development abroad.

💙 A huge thank you to our partners, funders, customers who believe in us. We are very lucky to have you on our side.