Innovation at the heart of emergency services: a smart box revolutionizes the practices of GSCF humanitarian firefighters

Global Smart Rescue, an innovative project that aims to redefine rescue management, is pleased to announce - on the occasion of its association with 3i3s Europa - the conclusion of a strategic partnership with the French Disaster Relief Group, a humanitarian association of firefighters whose objective is to intervene in natural or human disasters on a national and international level.

Global Smart Rescue concludes a strategic partnership with the French Disaster Relief Group in favor of a revolution in the practices of alerting, monitoring and information essential during natural or human disasters.

The deployment of Little Alert Boxes during our missions will allow us to have a realistic picture and monitoring of the situation thanks to environmental sensors. Sending and receiving messages via satellite will be an undeniable gas pedal of decision making. We are very pleased to offer Global Smart Rescue a testing ground for their product and a worldwide visibility.

Thierry Velu, President of the GSCF

About GSCF

The GSCF is an NGO of firefighters created in 1999 whose primary objective is to intervene in natural or human disasters.

Present on the majority of major disasters in the world, it has, since 2014, a humanitarian rapid action force. In particular, this team was one of the only structures to locate and rescue two people from the rubble in 2015, during the earthquake in Nepal.

Together, Global Smart Rescue and the French Disaster Relief Group are promoting innovation in space technologies for disaster relief. This partnership also represents an alliance between two French entities that place ethical values at the forefront and wish to revolutionize rescue management while keeping the human being at the heart of their concerns.

Mr. Thierry VELU
President - Founder GSCF