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Redefining disaster management

Natural or industrial disasters cause network disruptions that drastically alter the ability to act. Global Smart Rescue offers a range of innovative services that are essential for better anticipating and responding to crises. optimize the action of rescue teams in the field.

Intelligent monitoring

Automatically and rapidly detect anomalies, fire outbreaks, gas leaks or radioactivity thanks to our intelligent algorithm.

Optimized operational management

Visualize and map essential data to quickly grasp the situation and give the relevant teams the key information to act faster and more effectively.

Two-way satellite communication

Benefit from resilient communication anywhere in the world, whatever the network conditions.

Improved emergency response

By providing teams with communication resiliency we help maintain data availability and accessibility, reducing disruptions and downtime that can result in loss of life and property. 

A modular service offering that adapts to your needs and organization

Forest fire early warning service

By 2022, 700,000 hectares of forest will have gone up in smoke. By providing secure, critical data repatriation via satellite telecommunication, we expect to reduce the impact of fires in France and Europe by at least 20%.

Whatever the network conditions, we offer response teams, local authorities and governments end-to-end solutions for coordinating actions in the field and collecting the maximum amount of data in situ, in order to provide warnings while reducing costs, operational latency and human and material losses.

Radioactivity monitoring service

Companies and manufacturers are also subject to risks and incidents.

At GSR, we're well aware of this: by avoiding the need for teams to travel to high-risk areas with poor or no connectivity, our modular, customizable point-of-collection monitoring system enables intervention teams to react immediately to any anomaly, and to monitor the situation more precisely and constantly. on our operational management platform, even in the event of loss of means of communication.

Complementary to existing systems

Our service offering is distinguished by its ability to interface easily with existing systems. Compatibility with other management and communication systems promotes seamless collaboration between different technologies, enhancing operational efficiency.

Flexible and scalable

The flexibility of the Global Smart Rescue service offering guarantees continuous upgrading to keep pace with technological advances and the growing demands of crisis management.
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