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Villejust SAR demo - Dec 6

Cell SAR (Cellular Search&Rescue) is an innovative way of searching for cell phones under rubble to pinpoint the exact location of victims. We have

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Paris Air Show 2023

A busy week. Meetings, partnerships and developments for the future. The Paris Air Show: an extraordinary event! It was

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Global Smart Rescue LLC

Opening of our subsidiary: 1200 Brickell Avenue Suite 1960, Miami, Florida 33131 By choosing Miami, we are looking forward to expanding our influence in the USA and to

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VIP Day Orion 2023

On Thursday May 4, the Orion 2023 VIP Day was held, an exercise of unprecedented scope and ambition. Local authorities, members of parliament and top brass

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GSR in La Lettre M

Global Smart Rescue thanks the Lettre M for its article on our €1M fundraising. Discover all the details in this article.

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Thanks to our technology partners

We would like to express our gratitude to each of our partners for their valuable collaboration and their confidence in our company. In particular, we would like to thank

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Retrospective 2022

2022 has been a busy year for Global Smart Rescue: the start of a partnership in Africa and numerous collaborative responses with other

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Little Alert Box VS lead poisoning

A study by the ARS reveals cases of children suffering from lead poisoning around the site caused by soil contamination. Affecting the nervous system, the bone marrow and the kidneys, lead inhalation has serious consequences. Stored in the blood, lead is eliminated only after several years causing irreversible mental and psychomotor delays and a transmission to the fetus during pregnancy...

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