VIP Day Orion 2023

Thursday May 4 saw the Orion 2023 VIP Day, an exercise unprecedented in its scope and ambition. Local authorities, members of parliament and high-ranking military officers attended the final dynamic demonstration. With over 12,000 military personnel involved, including 1,700 American, British, Spanish, Belgian and Italian allies, 2,600 vehicles including 400 combat vehicles, some 50 fighter jets and as many helicopters, and around 100 drones, the figures for this latest fourth and final phase are breathtaking.

Henri Delattre, CEO of Global Smart Rescue, was privileged to witness this impressive demonstration.

"We have seen that, even in the event of a major engagement, the French Army and our participating allies have developed 360° action solutions with high operational value, including in new "battlefields" such as information, cyber and space warfare.
A strong link between all conventional resources and the latest information technologies for commanding operations.

On a more personal note, I could pick out the impressive demonstrations of heavy equipment. Nevertheless, what impressed me most was the respect and mastery of the laws of war, making them an asset rather than an operational constraint." Henri Delattre.