Our research and development is focused on three areas: New Space, Data and AI

We believe that data and AI can significantly improve anticipation and response to crises and emergencies through our platform offering high-value services that are interoperable with current systems.

Improving disaster prediction
identify the areas most at risk
optimize the planning of emergency operations.

Resilience with new space technologies

Resilience to disasters is enhanced by new space technologies, such as Earth observation satellites and IoT sensors that allow for real-time monitoring and data collection on affected areas.

Artificial intelligence algorithms to anticipate crises

Artificial intelligence algorithms are developed to anticipate crises by analyzing data in real time, identifying abnormal behavioral patterns and providing early warnings to affected organizations to help them make informed decisions and implement effective crisis management strategies.

Data collected 24/7

Data is collected 24/7 through sensors and satellite-based IoT devices to monitor the environment, critical infrastructure and human activities in order to anticipate crises, identify potential risks and facilitate rapid and informed decision-making in the event of an emergency.