GSR in the Civil Security from Space Program

We are facing an increasing number of crisis events. During disasters like floods and fires, seconds matter: a fast and resilient response, facilitated by reliable and secure communications systems, is crucial.

In a few days, the next European Space Agency Council meeting at Ministerial Level #CM22 will be held in Paris to decide on ESA's funding lines, programme by programme.

🛰For the Civil Security from Space Program, we have combined forces with AD-Waibe, CLS Group and Kinéis for a project : Global Satlink.

The solution will ensure a persistent and resilient communication between actors (victims or rescuers), and collection of sensitive data on a disaster (Global Smart Rescue) area thanks to satellite connectivity Kinéis. The captured data will allow to generate alerts to provide a quick resilient response to crises (fire, earthquake, abnormal radioactivity...), as a means for observation, prevention, assessment and alerting. An end-user app (AD-WAIBE) will allow rescue team to speed up interventions with iot tracking and messaging device on satellite tablets (CLS).

Stayed tuned for the next step!