Little Alert Box VS lead poisoning

50 micrograms per liter of blood lead is the threshold for defining lead poisoning

19 years after the closure of the Metaleurop factory, the largest lead and zinc smelter in Europe, the health catastrophe continues...

A study by the ARS reveals cases of children suffering from lead poisoning around the site caused by soil contamination. Affecting the nervous system, the bone marrow and the kidneys, lead inhalation has serious consequences. Stored in the blood, lead is only eliminated after several years, causing irreversible mental and psychomotor delays and transmission to the fetus during pregnancy.

On April 15, 2019, hundreds of tons of lead from the roof of Notre-Dame went up in smoke. Result? Rates 400 to 700 times higher than the limit allowed around the cathedral. Also used in the twentieth century in paints, pipes, the degradation of lead can sometimes be under our nose, in our homes.

Monitoring to protect the population is one of the objectives of GSR.
The Little Alert Box has been designed to be modular, scalable and easy to use:
1️⃣ Choose your environmental sensors: a Little Alert Box for n radio frequency sensors
2️⃣ Set your alert thresholds (treatments, filtering, artificial intelligence)
3️⃣ Monitor sensor data in real time

And you, solutions against lead poisoning?