Thanks to our technology partners

We would like to express our gratitude to each of our partners for their valuable collaboration and their confidence in our company.

We especially want to thank Kinéis, the European market leader in nanosatellites dedicated to IoT, for their exceptional collaboration with a busy agenda for this new year 2023. We would also like to thank the CESARS Center of the CNES for its expertise support and the tests carried out on our solutions; Kalisio, our first technological partner who was able to respond to our requests with sometimes very short deadlines; T-Ops, our civil and military security referent or 3i3s signature and its unfailing support.

Other future partnerships are expected in 2023, notably with Microtec Electronics, a major player in the space electronics market.

En travaillant en consortium avec d’autres entreprises leaders de l’industrie comme Eutelsat, Ad-Waibe, Diginove, Ternwaves et CLS, nous avons pu développer de nouvelles technologies de pointe et offrir des solutions complètes.

We look forward to working together to continue to grow and provide new development opportunities for our customers.

Grâce à leur expertise et leur engagement envers l’excellence, nous avons pu réaliser de nombreuses avancées technologiques et offrir des produits et services de qualité à nos clients. Nous apprécions leur collaboration et leur flexibilité face aux défis que nous avons rencontrés cette année. Votre contribution est inestimable et l’équipe de Global Smart Rescue est reconnaissante de pouvoir compter sur vous.

The entire Global Smart Rescue team.