A new strategic and commercial partnership with LCDC Telecoms to strengthen our crisis management offer in the event of natural or industrial disasters.

November 30, 2023, Toulouse - Thanks to LCDC Telecoms' expertise in communications in constrained environments, this strategic partnership will enable Global Smart Rescue to deploy advanced solutions to anticipate crises and optimize interventions in the field.

Boosting Operational Capabilities: Dedicated Satellite Teleport and Reliable Connectivity
Thanks to this technological alliance, Global Smart Rescue is strengthening its operational capabilities by integrating LCDC Telecoms' telecommunications solutions. Global Smart Rescue will now have access to a dedicated satellite teleport ensuring reliable connectivity even in the most difficult conditions, as well as a secure room for the management and analysis of sensitive data linked to crisis management operations. This partnership strengthens Global Smart Rescue's offering and opens up new market potential.

Excellence in Collaboration: Advanced Crisis Management Solutions
By leveraging LCDC Telecoms' expertise in communications in constrained environments, Global Smart Rescue will be able to deploy a complete system covering the most crucial stages of crisis management: anticipation and warning, early detection of anomalies, optimizing action in the field. Among other things, these technological advances will enable early detection of forest fires.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation: Enhanced Safety and Resilience
This partnership underlines Global Smart Rescue's ongoing commitment to providing high-quality crisis management solutions, by combining its expertise in this field with LCDC Telecoms' cutting-edge technological capabilities. Together, the two companies are determined to improve security and resilience in the face of the continuing emergence of new communications techniques and the resurgence of natural disasters.

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