The start of a wonderful collaboration with Expléo Groupe

At the 54th Paris Air Show, Global Smart Rescue joined the Expléo teams in showcasing ExpleoLISSA (Launchpad for Innovative Software defined Satellite Application), a new adaptable and intelligent software package capable of reconfiguring the nanosatellite payload directly in orbit. 

Compatible with a "3U CubeSat" measuring 100mm x 100mm x 300mm and using plug-and-play components optimized by Expléo engineers, it has low power consumption with powerful on-board processing capabilities to perform data-intensive monitoring functions that can be reconfigured in orbit, at any time via a live update. 

For example, for Global Smart Rescue missions, a nanosatellite launched to monitor wind farms can change application in flight to be used for wildlife monitoring or search and rescue missions in remote areas. 

A functional engineering model of Expleo LISSA should be completed by the end of the year, and the first demonstration launch should take place in 2024, heralding a number of excellent use cases for Global Smart Rescue.