ServAL Management: SecurIT-funded project

Our SecurIT project, #ServalManagement, got officially selected with our partner Kalisio. 

SecurIT is a European project (H2020-Innosup-01) aiming at supporting and co-financing the development of collaborative projects allowing prototyping and experimentation of top-notch technological solutions in the field of Security, with respect of the nowadays ethical, legal, and social challenges. For this batch, 21 innovative solutions has been selected to contribute to more secure and resilient cities ans territories. 

The Kick-Off Meeting of SecurIT Open Call #2 selected projects took place in Vilnius, on the 5th of July 2023. This day was a great opportunity for all the SME projects partners to introduce themselves, meet the consortium members and the other projects, but also to pitch their innovative digital solutions contributing to safer, more secure and resilient smart cities and territories.

Global Smart Rescue with Kalisio and PrendoQuota received funds for the project ServAL Management in the domain Sensitve infrastructure protection: Optimisation of communication networks and alert systems. Thanks to our Little Alert Box, we will be able to geolocalized and dated radioactivity.