Spark detected Disaster averted

Real-time monitoring solution for national parks and natural areas

FireGuard™ is a prevention and decision-making tool that complements existing systems, enabling early detection of fire outbreaks and optimizing response in the field.

Our aim: to alert and optimize operational response, reducing costs, latency and loss of life and property.


Continuous collection of geo-positioned data transferred in real time to our monitoring systems enables early detection of environmental changes or fire outbreaks.


RISC2 allows commanders and teams to safely monitor and collaborate with a global view of what is happening in the field.


This system allows decision makers to track, correlate and decide how to engage or not engage in a specific mission.

Fire Guard, ecosystem guardian and valuable decision-making tool

A complementary emergency system with resilient connectivity

Field resources require advanced connectivity and modern, reliable communication solutions. 

With GSM, WiFI, satellite IOT and text communication capabilities, the RC2 provides a mission-critical communication platform designed to support multiple connection standards and devices of today and tomorrow and offers a robust communication platform with unmatched operational efficiency.

Field resources are now able to track and trace more information than ever before. 

RISC2 enables real-time sharing of critical data from various sensors and other command and control data in any environment.

By integrating data from systems, teams and sensors, RC2 empowers the operations center to ensure mission success.

Advanced functionality and end-to-end resiliency

The command and control system offers a broad set of advanced features, an enterprise server architecture, and end-to-end resiliency. 

The RC2 can be configured with different functions to allow information to flow between the operational staff and the field teams. 

RISC2 centralizes sensor data

The RC2 transmits sensor information over an RF and iot Sat communication link for remote monitoring, enabling multi-level decision making. The Serval gathers environmental data, allowing operators to efficiently coordinate with field personnel on mission-critical communications, generating real-time situational awareness and response plans.

RISC2 supports a wide range of technologies

The RC2 offers interfaces to conventional and proprietary systems. The platform offers scalable configurations to easily adapt to any operational change.

The modular system is designed to evolve and adapt to the operational needs of missions

Solution features:

Both centralized and decentralized control centers

Force overview and operational disposition. Correlation of environmental and command parameters

Optimization of the safety of the participants

Hierarchical management of different security levels

Data collection and analysis

Data from sensors, weapon systems, vehicles and intelligence assets combined and analyzed Correlation of environmental and command parameters.

The SWaP - Size, Weight and Power - improvements of our RISC2

It is an easy-to-deploy surveillance solution that can meet a variety of situational requirements: public events (sports, political), demonstrations and tactical security operations. 

Command post

The command post is composed of screens where data flows are displayed from the different sensors. The command and control personnel can communicate by text with the intervention teams in the field.

The platform provides detailed tactical information during operations that helps personnel make decisions and communicate them to field response teams. 

Geographic visualization

A map of the situation A geographical visualization of the units and tracks

Integration & communication

Communication protocols to exchange positions and other information. Integration of information from existing systems

A 360° support


SERVAL platform - SBD Communication - Data storage - Encryption - Event simulation


Command PC - Hub LAB - Satex - Sensors - Custom batteries


Installation - Communication subscription - Repair - AFTER SALES SERVICE

Fields of application

Crisis management

Public safety


Environmental safety