Feedback on the Lebanon/Ukraine RETEX for the Atraksis Tech&Rescue Day

⏮ Come Back on Atraksis Tech & Rescue Day 🚒

A successful day under the sign of the innovation of the fire and rescue services.

We came back on our Little Alert Boxes sent with the teams of the French Disaster Relief Group (GSCF) to Lebanon in October 2021 and to Ukraine in March 2022.

Geolocation, 24/7 monitoring of the convoy and minimal communication in all network conditions and anywhere between the operational teams and the rear base were the main objectives of this RETEX.

Thank you to Julien Fischer, Thibaut Reffay, Florence Guigue, Région Ile-de-France for having offered a time to speak to GSR and all the actors present who all have the same desire: to innovate for better protection!

To see the replay of this day: