Little Alert Box

The patented smart box designed to save lives

In the event of telecommunication and electricity cuts, the lack of information and visibility in situ complicates the management of the emergency services and can worsen the material and human toll. 

To meet these challenges, we have developed the LAB, a box based on artificial intelligence and a set of satellites to transmit environmental data before, during and after a disaster to provide valuable information to the rescue services and intervene more effectively. 

A patented and field-proven technology

Our patented technology has already been tested and proven by the French Disaster Relief Group, an NGO of firefighters in Lebanon in October 2021 and at the beginning of the war in Ukraine in March 2022. By 2022 the LAB should be tested by the SDIS of Haute-Garonne. 

The benefits of the Little Alert Box

Keeping in touch has never been easier

When all communications are interrupted, LAB becomes a satellite communication wifi access point allowing survivors to connect (actively or passively) in order to report their location to the rescue services or to receive government information.

Artificial intelligence algorithms to anticipate crises

Our network of LABs automatically alerts the competent authorities and the population and in most cases manages to guess the type of event thanks to artificial intelligence.

Data collected 24/7

The operator's management interface allows him to: geolocate each of the LABs, visualize sensor data in the form of graphs, send a message to one or more LABs in the customer's fleet and receive the messages. The modular architecture of the LAB promises a response to your needs. (sound detector, infrared detector, gas, light, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature and a GNSS geolocation device).

How does it work?

In case of anomaly detected by the sensors, the data are sent by wifi, gsm or satellite to be analyzed by AI. 

The system is designed to be able to withstand severe constraints and to ensure continuous transmission of information via WiFi, GSM or satellite thanks to various Lora sensors: sound detector, infrared detector, gas, light, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature and a GNSS geolocation device...

Possibility of API so that the collected data appears on your tools and to have your own alert configurations. 

In the event of a cut in traditional communications, the Little Alert Box immediately goes into alert mode and uses its autonomous battery to collect data and establish a WIFI hotspot. A user with a smartphone can then communicate by satellite with predefined interlocutors or in the future with the civil security to receive instructions and send information.

Moreover, from the point of departure to the point of arrival, the messages have a validation and acknowledgement system to be sure that the message has been received by the user and the operational center. We therefore manage alerts and remote operations through messages and actions sent by humans, operators, or automated on variations of abnormal environmental parameters (e.g. variation of temperature and/or pressure, accelerometry etc.). 

All the data collected is first analyzed locally in the box and then transferred to our servers to be analyzed in a more global, more geographical, more extensive way.