Module to keep in touch anywhere everywhere with your teams by IoT satellite.

Satex is one of our bricks offering a satellite messaging service that keeps isolated workers in touch with the operational center or international travelers in white zones, adventurers and rescue teams. 

Designed for workers in white zones, isolated or humanitarian workers, adventurers or rescue workers unable to call for help or their operational center.

Responding to the challenge of white zones

 Every year, millions of workers, travelers and emergency crews find themselves unable to communicate or to know if their message has reached their destination in white or gray areas. 

The benefits of SATEX

Two-way communication everywhere

With an integrated geolocation, the Satex portable box allows, thanks to an interface, to send and receive short text messages by satellite.

Acknowledgement security

For each message sent to the operational center, a confirmation of receipt is sent to the user of the Satex and conversely, each message received by the user is acknowledged at the operational center.

How does it work?

All messages and data location are sent with a satellite terminal on the Irridium, Kineis and Astrocast networks. The service operates globally depending on the coverage of each satellite operator. SATEX has been tested with the GSCF in Lebanon and at the beginning of the war in Ukraine.