Security of an operational team

Sometimes hostile locations

Operational teams have the mission to mobilize quickly and massively in the face of a crisis, often in cohesion with different organizations (firefighters, ambulance, government, etc.). The sometimes hostile intervention sites, in white zones (more than 2000 in France) or in degraded communication complicate on-site management and decision making of the chain of command. 

In order to reduce the exposure of the intervening parties to the risk, to facilitate the execution of their mission and to coordinate the actions of the various trades on the spot, GSR set up a system of connected alarms. 

At the GSCF, NGO of firemen, we use GSR to have a feedback of information of the teams and alerts on zones in degraded situation. The feedback can be done by satellite, which allows us to gain in security if the telephone network is out of order. GSR has become over time an indispensable tool for the safety of our teams

Thierry VELU - President of the GSCF

End-to-end and resilient solutions

At GSR, we offer end-to-end solutions for response teams in all network conditions. 

These solutions allow to coordinate field actions and to collect the maximum of data in situ to alert while reducing costs, intervention time (or operational latency) and human and material losses even in case of communication loss. 

Monitor your teams and assets 

Coordinate and track your field actions and automatically notify a defined group


Implementation of a strategy of vigilance with environmental sensors that bring up data in real time and automatically alert our servers in case of anomaly without need of network. 

Control your costs 

Manage the number of teams in intervention, mobilize operational staff when a real anomaly is detected, reduce manual doubt removal and minimize intervention time.

Improved emergency response

By providing teams with communication resiliency we help maintain data availability and accessibility, reducing disruptions and downtime that can result in loss of life and property. 

Easy to transport and to use, our solution allows the operational center on site to deploy in the best conditions.

Implementation of new solutions to respond to a 360° crisis management.

In case of natural or industrial disasters the biggest challenge is the communication between the rescue teams and the victims to organize the search when all the terrestrial networks are down.

The crisis management process is then extremely difficult due to the lack of information on site.

In case of an alert

By keeping visibility on several environmental parameters, teams are notified of alerts in real time

In emergency mode

The system is designed to evaluate in real time the actions on the spot in remote operation automatically or by messages sent by operators.

After a disaster

The chain of command effectively demobilizes and has all the history of interventions and actions, statistics and can thus improve their response. 

A modular system that adapts to your needs and your organization

We adapt to the existing system to improve your response time.

Oversee your emergency situations without interruption

Improve your response by taking advantage of resilient two-way communication anywhere in the world

Interoperability with existing systems

Adaptable to existing systems, GSR is compatible with a wide variety of sensors ensuring a secure multi-protocol connection

Centralization of alerts

Automatically and quickly detect anomalies, fire outbreaks, gas leaks... thanks to our intelligent algorithm.

Global Smart Rescue geolocates, alerts and informs you

From the intervention vehicle, to the members of your teams, active on site, in situ operational post or decisional command post Global Smart Rescue geolocates, alerts and integrates all the information received by the operational staff and the information collected by our sensors (pressure, humidity....) even in the event of a network blackout on a common platform.

Smart technologies


The LAB is a LoRa gateway allowing to connect to several wireless sensors to receive data and send it back to the ServAL Management platform or to a third party platform thanks to our API. 

Our technological bricks

A 360° support



Use of the decision-making platform


Fields of application

Nunc vero inanes flatus quorundam vile esse quicquid extra urbis pomerium nascitur 

Crisis management in hostile areas

Intervention groups (firemen, policemen, gendarmerie...)

In motion on vehicles or machines

Monitor environmental parameters