Emergency services and law enforcement

Implementation of new solutions to respond to a 360° crisis management.

The mission of the operational units is to mobilise quickly and massively in the face of a crisis, often in conjunction with different organisations (firefighters ambulance, government, etc.).

The hostile intervention sites, in white zones (over 2,000 in France) or with damaged communications, make the management on site and the decision making of the chain of command more complex. 

Oversee your emergency situations without interruption

Improve your response by taking advantage of resilient two-way communication anywhere in the world

Interoperability with existing systems

Adaptable to existing systems, GSR is compatible with a wide variety of sensors ensuring a secure multi-protocol connection

Centralization of alerts

Automatically and quickly detect anomalies, fire outbreaks, gas leaks... thanks to our intelligent algorithm.

Our dedicated offers

Thinking about tomorrow's security is the challenge at the heart of GSR. New artificial intelligence technologies combined with IoT provide emergency services with a response capacity at all times and in all places. 

Security of an operational team

We offer end-to-end solutions for response teams, regardless of network conditions, to coordinate field actions and gather maximum in situ data for alerting while reducing costs, response time (or operational latency) and human and material losses. 

Search for victims


We designed this solution for and with emergency services to be as close as possible to their needs. The aggregation of data and its collection with hardware means are major issues to think the teams of tomorrow.

Henri Delattre - CEO of Global Smart Rescue

Smart technology

1st innovative mobile phone location solution for Search & Rescue

Product future and R&D

Connected watches to track teams

with eventual management of vital parameters of operational teams (heart rate ....)

Increasing the coverage of the search area for Cell SAR

(today, 2km when no concrete or anything), search for lost people (Alzheimer)

Increasing the resilience of the LAB Monitoring multizone