Search&Rescue Global Smart Rescue to conquer new horizons

Global Smart Rescue introduces an innovation of use on Cell SARThe company's state-of-the-art technology represents a significant advance in research and optimization of emergency management. In addition, the Toulouse-based start-up will fly to Miami in February for an exhibition dedicated to natural disasters and will introduce its new products on the international scene. 

GSR has recently introduced a disruptive new version of their flagship product Little Alert Box capable of transmitting environmental data to prevent disasters and help control them when they could not be avoided. Thanks to the early detection of a disaster and its monitoring in real time, LAB™ "Little Alert Box" allows to optimize human and material resources in relief matters. 

GSR has developed the Cell SAR technology which aims at locating and communicating with the victims' phones under the debris due to a natural disaster or others. Thus, by allowing an initial feedback on the state of the victim, the Cell SAR optimizes and accelerates the Search & Rescue. 

Therefore, Global Smart Rescue will participate in the Natural Disaster Expo that will take place in Miami on February 7 and 8, 2022. 

Founded by Henri DELATTRE, Thierry FAYARD, Bertrand Massat and Victor LIMA in 2019 the company is giving itself the means to achieve its ambitions. The idea for the project came from CTO Bertrand who, upon returning from the USA in late 2015, identified the need for new technical solutions to improve the efficiency of emergency management and improve the coordination of rescue teams in the event of disasters. Thus several steps were taken to reach the current project. 

Aware of its potential, Global Smart Rescue is still looking for experimentation contracts and investors that could allow them to emancipate themselves and conquer the national and international market.