GSCF operation in Lebanon

Humanitarian firefighters strengthen safety and resilience measures with Little Alert Boxes

At the beginning of October, the French Disaster Relief Group reached Beirut with more than a ton of equipment to help Lebanon. For three days, the GSCF humanitarian firefighters were able to test the "Little Alert Box", a smart box developed by Global Smart Rescue.

Global Smart Rescue and the French Disaster Relief Group in partnership to revolutionize crisis management during natural disasters.

"We stayed at the operational post 24 hours a day to monitor a set of environmental parameters both on land and at sea, to geolocate the GSCF convoy in real time to within a few meters and to communicate with the teams on site even in degraded conditions".

Bertrand Massat, CTO of Global Smart Rescue

In the event of a disaster, the Little Alert Box automatically sends an alert thanks to its various integrated sensors (pressure, vibration, temperature) to the Global Smart Rescue operations center. Resilient communication is ensured via satellite in white zones and in case of blackout. The system is also designed so that teams and victims can communicate and send
alerts manually directly on the box and via the user interface by connecting to the Little Alert Box captive network.

Together, Global Smart Rescue and the French Disaster Relief Group are promoting innovation and space technologies in the service of rescue.