Business & Industry

Companies and industries are also subject to risks and incidents

Monitoring equipment and locations in real time can sometimes be complex.

At GSR we are aware of this: modular and customizable, our solution allows 3D mapping of locations to facilitate the intervention of emergency services, permanent monitoring of environmental parameters to prevent risks as much as possible, remote operation and automatic alerts in case of anomaly. 

Analysis and data collection 

With a reading of parameters every 30 seconds, anomalies are quickly detected and emergency services can easily intervene thanks to a precise 3D map of the site.

Optimized crisis management

User-defined sensor settings for alerting, priority management and geographic correlation

Trigger remote actions to secure the premises 

Remote operation by human or automated actions on abnormal variations of environmental parameters 

Our dedicated offers

In order to best manage risk, the AML has several features that can help achieve these goals

Alerte & Monitoring (offre data)



Hazardous sites

We want to help companies manage their own security with our smart device so they can minimize costs while having access to state-of-the-art technology


Henri Delattre - CEO of Global Smart Rescue

Smart technology

Product future and R&D

Our product has been created to deal with natural disasters, but we hope that it can also help to manage incidents and crises that may occur in companies, industries and why not for household use

Marketing is planned for the USA and Africa because these areas are prone to various natural disasters with very heavy losses both in material and human terms.