In the event of a crisis, it is often difficult to deploy reliable and rapid solutions in a very short time.

At GSR we are aware of this: interoperable with existing systems, our modular solution allows us to ensure an optimized management of the operational teams and to mesh sensitive areas by keeping the link between authorities and citizens. 

Optimization of communication

Maintaining communication between the competent authorities and the population even in the event of a communications blackout 

Networking of the territory

Keep the link between the different levels of authorities (mayors, prefects, departmental council, ministries...) in order to accelerate and facilitate the procedures in case of crisis. 

Material and human balance sheet

Reduce losses and therefore costs by anticipating disasters and alerting the population 

Our dedicated offers

The Government must ensure the daily security of the population and the country. 

Alert to the population

Disaster monitoring and prevention (Data Offer)

We designed this solution to be as close as possible to the needs of governments. The aggregation of data and its collection with hardware means are major issues for the teams of tomorrow.

Henri Delattre - CEO of Global Smart Rescue

Smart technology

Product future and R&D

Reduction of the size of the LAB, crossing of environmental data, increase list of parameters, adapted satellite constellation, adapt Satex offer according to the demand of the product, increase maybe nb of constellation, Swarm, 6G, miniaturization of the box  Our product has been created in order to face natural disasters, to know how to manage at best thanks to the collected data.